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Rethinking Nature

Connects young people with nature and each other

In search for a Happy Stone!

You've probably come across them... those brightly colored stones that can be found in the middle of the forest, in the countryside, along a river or just in the middle of the street. You may not have known until now why these brightly colored stones were scattered all over the world, but these are the so-called 'Happy Stones'!


A Happy Stone is a stone that has been beautifully painted by someone. Then this stone is placed somewhere in nature or in the city to make the finder happy. The phenomenon 'Happy Stone' has come over from the United States. Since the corona pandemic, this has also become a craze in the Netherlands. Could you use some cheerfulness in this time and do you want a break from your busy program? Then this activity is for you!

With this activity you shift the focus from everything that is going on in your life right now to doing something creative and active. Making a creation has a relaxing effect and contributes to stress reduction. It's not about whether you're good at this, but purely about the activity and the positive energy it brings to you and others. Especially if you sometimes have trouble getting yourself outside, the Happy Stone is the perfect reason to go out! Finding a stone gives you strength and the feeling that you are not alone. This connection is so important at this time. Together we provide a little happiness, warmth and solidarity in this world. This is especially necessary in this bizarre corona time. Hopefully making and finding a Happy Stone will bring a smile to your face! Do you also want to contribute to this happy generation? Then join by signing up here and become part of the Happy Stone community!


How does it work?


Step 1: You register with the registration form for this activity. There are three different options. Choose the option that you like the most.


  • Individual

You can register individually. This means that you independently make a Happy Stone and perform the walks. You will be paired up with someone else to find each other's Happy Stone.


  • Get to know someone

You can register individually and indicate that you would like to participate with someone. You will be paired up with someone else to make a Happy Stone and walk together. You will then be paired up with another pair to find each other's Happy Stone.


  • In pairs

You can sign up together as a pair. You do this when you would like to perform the activity together with a friend. You make the Happy Stone together and carry out the walk together. You will then be paired with another pair to find each other's Happy Stone.


The couples are made by us within the same city. For example, if you live in Zwolle, you will be linked to someone who also lives in Zwolle. When you are linked, you will receive the email address of the person or two you are linked to.


Step 2: You have now registered and are now linked to someone or two. You are now going to make the Happy Stone. First think about what you want to paint/write on the stone. You are supposed to put a positive message on the stone. This can be in the form of a painting/illustration, but it can also be an inspiring quote or word. Anything goes, it's your creation!


Necessary materials:

  • Acrylic paint or waterproof markers

  • Stone

  • Lacquer or varnish. (It is necessary that you coat the stone after you have illustrated the image or text on it. This can be done with a transparent lacquer or varnish. If you do not have this at home, you can also use clear nail polish or hairspray.)


Finally, you will be assigned a number from us. You are supposed to put this number somewhere on your rock. In this way, the finder knows whether he/she has found the correct stone.


Step 3: Your own Happy Stone is finished! Now it's time to hide it. Walk (one of) the route(s) that SBO has plotted in your city and hide your Happy Stone somewhere along the way. Take a few photos (think about 3 photos) to show the route to the stone. The stone must be in the area of ​​the last photo. You can deviate from the route, as long as you make it clear with the photos where the Happy Stone is located. When you have done this, contact the person or couple you are linked to. You let us know on which route the stone is hidden and you share the photos with hints of where this stone is located. Then you can start looking for your stone! Meanwhile, the other half of your group has also made and hidden their Happy Stone.

Now you can start looking too!


Step 4: You've Found the Happy Stone! Contact your group and exchange photos (if you wish). Maybe it's nice to tell each other the story behind the image/text on the Happy Stone. Talk to each other about this! If you like, you can post a picture of your Happy Stone on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #SamenBlokjeOmdenken. With this you inspire others and you become part of the Happy Stone community!

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