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Rethinking Nature

Connecting young people with nature and each other

Help out in a vegetable garden

Do you like to roll up your sleeves and give something back to nature? Then sign up for Samen Blokje Omspits and get started with a group at a vegetable garden near you! Do you not have green fingers and do you just know how a carrot grows? No problem! You will receive an explanation in advance about how you can help and then get to work with your group.


Why garderning?
When you work in the garden, you are so focused on that one plant or piece of land that you can completely let go of your thoughts and worries about other things. Not only will this make you feel better in the moment, but it can also contribute to better physical and mental health in the long run (if you do it more often). By helping out in one of the vegetable or city gardens, you also contribute to local agriculture. And above all it is very pleasant to work in the garden together!


How does it work?

Via this link you can see which time slots are available at the vegetable garden(s) in your city. You can register individually, but you can make an appointment with a friend to register for the same time slot. The sessions last about 2 hours and you work together with 1-3 others (this varies per garden). If you have found a time slot that suits you, enter your first and last name. You can also enter your email address and/or telephone number, so that the others can reach you, for example to cycle to the vegetable garden together. However, this is not mandatory.


Below is an impression of the vegetable gardens in Zwolle, Deventer and Enschede.


In Zwolle you can help in the Buurttuin Hof van Breecamp.


In Deventer you can help in the Molentuin.


In Enschede you can help with the Organic Garden Association Drienerlo (BTD).

Deventer - Molentuin.jpeg
Zwolle - Buurttuin Hof van Breecamp.jpeg
moestuin 1 SBO.jpg
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