Outside of Your Box, Into Nature

Connects millenials with nature, and with each other

What is Outside of Your Box, Into Nature?

A lot of millenials are dealing with stress. Outside of Your Box, Into Nature is a platform that triggers millennials, Dutch and international, to go outside. Many researches have proven that nature relieves stress, calmes you down and makes you happy. Yet, nature is rarely used as a medicine for your mental health. Outside of Your Box, Into Nature wants to change that. This platform gives millennials the tools to go into nature, by giving you routes in your own surroundings, and other activities that endorse you to go outside.

How to apply fo Your Box, Into Nature

In the province of Overijssel we are doing a pilot for Outside of Your Box, Into Nature. Are you between 18 and 26 years old and do you live in Overijssel? You can participate in the pilot. After you register, you will receive a list with questions for you to answer. After that you can choose your an outdoor activity. The only thing we ask you to do is to track the activity with the app Alltrails, there you will find our routes as well. After you did your outdoor activity we will ask you fill in another questionnaire. 

The activities you can do