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The province of Zeeland is not yet participating in Samen Blokje Omdenk (Together Block Thinking).

Keep an eye on this page! 

Zeeland is a province surrounded by water and is characterized by its patchwork of polders and dikes. The province is also known for its small historic towns, such as Tholen, Sluis and Veere. There are many different landscapes to be found, such as dune areas, coastlines, sandy soils and sea clay. This variety of landscapes ensures that it is never boring to go out into nature! That's great, because according to The Nature Pyramid, everyone should go out into nature on a regional scale every week to stay healthy. Zeeland also borders North Brabant, South Holland and the Belgian Bruges, Ghent and a small part of Antwerp. Every month you have a wide variety of provinces to visit!

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Do you not only want to walk, but do you also want to roll up your sleeves? For volunteer work you can take a look at the website . You can help organize activities and workshops, maintain walking networks, mow flower dikes, place nest boxes and make habitats for butterflies more suitable.


Various activities can be found on the website , including cleaning campaigns and joint walks. 

You can also visit this site for both short and long walking routes ( ). You can also find walking routes in Middelburg and surroundings on the website .

State Forestry

On the website of the Staatsbosbeheer ( Nature Reserves of Staatsbosbeheer ) you can find information about activities, walking routes and places of interest for each Zeeland nature reserve. There are various walking routes in the Veerse Meer or in Schouwen-Duiveland, sights such as the Forest of the Future in South Beveland and recreational opportunities on the beach of Schouwen-Duiveland.

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