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Walk or cycle at Buitengoed de Kolk in Deventer

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Length: 9.72 km, with the option to extend

This route of 9.72 kilometers takes you through the green areas around Deventer. In the city but yet out of the hustle and bustle. At Buitengoed de Kolk you are in the middle of nature. The route is divided into two parts so you can decide whether you want to go for a longer or shorter walk, this has both its advantages and disadvantages: one more accessible for students at Saxion or ROC, the other in a more beautiful environment that helps against your stress levels. You can do this route on foot, by bike or a mix.

Other activities

During the route you have the opportunity to do activities: you can help in a vegetable garden, you can participate in the Happy Stones activity or you can sow flower seeds (we can send the seeds to you).


Listen to our podcast during your walk. That way you relax and learn something in the meantime!

Check the complete route here.

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