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Guerilla gardening

Are you tired of the concrete look in your neighborhood? Would you like to brighten up your street, that neighborhood square or that barren strip with colorful flowers? Be a guerilla greener. Look around your home and you'll find many places to green up: plants inside, plants outside, plants on the walls, and you can "stalk" your community to green up the neighborhood. Together, it's even more fun.

With guerrilla gardening you conquer that grey public space and turn it into a green oasis. And that is an important mission, because the wild bees in the Netherlands are having a hard time. More and more flower fields are making way for arable land or buildings. Gone is their food. With a flower explosion in your place or neighborhood, you give biodiversity a big boost and you help the bees. But you will not only make bees happier, you can also cheer up your neighbors with a colorful sea of flowers.

Arm yourself with a shovel, watering can, plants, bulbs or seeds. That's all you need. Get to the front and get to work!

Not too sure how and where to start? No worries. Guerilla gardeners will give you helpful tips here!

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