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Go outside! Three beautiful walks in the Netherlands

Have you grown tired of the regular walking tour around your house? Or are you ready for a challenge? It's about time to explore more of the Netherlands. Walking is healthy for body and mind. Therefore, here are three special long distance hikes, of which you can also just walk one stage. Enjoy them!

Noord-Nederland: North Sea Trail

Walk along old sea dikes with behind them the mudflats and salt marshes. Enjoy the vast polders with mounds and ponds. Be surprised by the cultural landscape in this unique part of the Netherlands.

The North Sea Trail is a 6000 km route from Scotland to Norway, with a section of 275 km along the Dutch coast. This walk through Friesland and Groningen starts in Stavoren and ends in Bad Nieuweschans near the German border. You literally walk across the head of the Netherlands!

Midden-Nederland: het Trekvogelpad

Take your binoculars to the Trekvogelpad: The longest nature path in the Netherlands. The 414 km long path connects several bird-rich nature areas and different landscapes. You walk through the North Holland peat moors, over the Utrechtse Heuvelrug and the Hoge Veluwe. The last piece leads you past impressive estates, castles and old farms. The trail is divided into 23 different stages of between 15 km and 20 km on average.

This route also runs from the west to near the German border, from Bergen aan Zee to Enschede. You can also walk the Trekvogelpad in the opposite direction. Then you end up in the Schoorl Dunes where you can enjoy a refreshing dip in the sea!

Zuid-Nederland: Dutch Mountain Trail

Recently, they introduced a new walking trail in Limburg: the Dutch Mountain Trail. Not the longest walk in the Netherlands, but the toughest! Only suitable for experienced hikers.

The 101 km trip is comparable to a real mountain hike. During the walk from Kerkrade to Maastricht you pass seven peaks with over 1600 meters difference in altitude. The tour is not signposted, but the route description and useful information can be found in the speciale wandelgids, which is available online.

Do you want that unique mountain feeling, but prefer to take it a little easier? Then walk one of the individual hikes to the seven peaks. These are circular walks of 5.5 to 9 km.

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