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Cleaning up the Block Together

You're outside in nature, relaxing. Until your gaze is disturbed by litter. Cans, cigarette butts, packaging: you come across it even in the most remote places.

Most litter is very poorly degradable and will remain for decades if we don't clean it up. Moreover, 'degradable' should be taken literally: it breaks down into small pieces but does not disappear. These small pieces often end up in the food chain again via the stomachs of animals. In short: a lot of waste only disappears if we clear it up ourselves.

Cleaning up litter together is a fun way to clean up your environment. You enjoy the fresh outdoor light and make yourself useful at the same time. But where do you start? And how do you get others to join in? Below you will find our tips.

Three effects of a cleanup action

1. A good feeling

Whether you're with friends, classmates or strangers, cleaning up together outside is not only useful, it's also great fun. It makes you feel good!

2. Reach something together

Cleaning up litter together creates more solidarity in the neighborhood. Between residents and other stakeholders such as shopkeepers and managers.

3. Positive image

A Clean Up campaign has a positive effect on the neighborhood. When you work together to create a clean neighborhood, it becomes more attractive to live in.

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