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A nice walk along the river IJssel from Zwolle

Length: 11.24 km, option to extend to 21.93 km

Do you live in Zwolle? Then this is a nice route to get away from it all and clear your head. You start at the train station in Zwolle and walk along the vast green areas around the IJssel. The route ends at the Osprey Lookout. You can extend the route at several points and if you want to break off the route that's possible too. You pass two bus stops: Van der Schuerenmarke in Zwolle and Brug, Windesheim.

Other activities

During the route you have the opportunity to do activities: you can help in a vegetable garden, you can participate in the Happy Stones activity or you can sow flower seeds (we can send the seeds to you).


Luister our podcast during your walk. That way you relax and learn something in the meantime!

Check the complete route here.

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