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Happy Stones

You have probably come across them ... of those brightly colored stones that can be found in the middle of the forest, in the countryside, along a river or just in the middle of the street. Maybe you didn't know why these brightly colored stones were scattered all over the world, but these are the so-called 'Happy Stones'!

A Happy Stone is a stone that has been beautifully painted by someone. Then this stone is placed somewhere in nature or in the city to make the finder happy. The phenomenon 'Happy Stone' has come over from the United States. Since the corona pandemic, this has also become all the rage in the Netherlands.

Could you use some cheerfulness during this time and would you like a break from your busy schedule? Then this activity is for you!

With this activity you shift the focus from everything that is currently going on in your life to doing something creative and active. Making a creation has a relaxing effect and contributes to stress reduction. It is not about whether you are good at this, but purely about the activity and the positive energy it brings you and others.

Especially if you sometimes have trouble getting yourself out, then the Happy Stone is the perfect reason to go out! Finding a stone gives you strength and the feeling that you are not alone. This connection is so important in this day and age.

Together we provide a bit of happiness, warmth and togetherness in this world. Especially in this bizarre corona time there is a need for this. Hopefully creating and finding a Happy Stone will bring a smile to your face!

Do you also want to contribute to this happy generation? Sign up here and become part of the Happy Stone community!

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