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North Holland

The province of North Holland is not yet participating in Samen Blokje Omdenken.

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The province of North Holland has a very varied landscape; busy, urban areas in the Randstad and quiet, open areas in the Kop van Noord-Holland. The province is surrounded by the sea, but there are also lakes, polders, rivers and canals in the province. This variation in landscape ensures that you can never get bored in nature in North Holland. This makes it an attractive area to discover nature. Going into nature is good for your health and according to The Nature Pyramid, everyone should go out into nature every week on a regional scale. It also recommends visiting a different province each month; the connection with Utrecht, South Holland and Flevoland is good and it is also fun to discover nature here!

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A musical walk!

Is walking with music something for you? Then follow the music tour through Amsterdam-west! The route consists of a total of 9 highlights where you will learn more about, among other things, the location and the type of music that is played there. The tour is mainly based on house, trance and techno. In total you will walk 5 km. The route takes you through the Westerpark, past the Houthavens and the Western Islands and will end where you started. Have fun walking and listening!

Scan the QR code on your phone to get started!

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Are you excited to get out into nature? Take a look at the website Nature Reserves | Landscape North Holland ( . The nature reserves are all named here and there are activities for each nature reserve, such as photographing, bird watching and participating in nature. You can also find the most beautiful walking tours on this website ( Walking in North Holland | Landscape North Holland ( .


Furthermore, the website Home - Ode aan het Landschap ( is very nice to look at; there are cycling, walking, art and audio routes, excursions, podcasts, exhibitions and events. 

On the website Home | You can search your location for the nearest routes and activities.  

State Forestry

On the website of the Staatsbosbeheer ( Nature Reserves of Staatsbosbeheer ) you can find information about activities, walking routes and places of interest for each Noord-Holland nature reserve. There are various walking routes in the Purmerbos or in dune areas, such as Pettemerduinen. There are also places of interest such as the Zaanse Schans in the Zaanstreek or monumental buildings in South Kennemerland and recreational opportunities in Gaasp and Diem.

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