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North Brabant

We are in consultation with the Province of Noord-Brabant, the Van Gogh National Park and IVN Brabant about the launch of SBO for the Van Gogh National Park.

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North Brabant is a pleasant province with many events, historic villages and large cities, such as Eindhoven, Den Bosch and Tilburg. Yet there is much more beautiful about Brabant; there are many beautiful, well-known nature reserves such as De Biesbosch, De Loonse en Drunense Duinen and De Groote Peel. The great variety of nature reserves and landscapes makes it an attractive province for walking. That's great, because according to The Nature Pyramid, every person should go out into nature on a regional scale every week to stay healthy. North Brabant also borders Limburg, Zeeland, South Holland, Gelderland in the Netherlands and Antwerp and Limburg in Belgium! So there is plenty of choice to go out into nature every month in other Dutch or Belgian provinces.

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Experience and listen to the healing power of the landscape

Experience the power of the landscape with deep designer's new Healing Landscape audio tour  Anne VanStrien . You can listen to this audio tour about the landscape and its healing powers everywhere, but preferably in your own garden, in the park or the forest. Somewhere where you can experience the landscape directly. Anne takes you along different dimensions of the Healing Landscape. But she also shows how we as humans, as part of the nature we are surrounded by, can contribute to the healing of the landscape.

The audio tour was co-created in collaboration with Lentekracht and Nature For Health as part of the Van Gogh National Park Healing Landscape Day 29 April 2021.

Watch a teaser of the audio tour here

Listen to the audio tour here


All Brabant nature reserves can be found on the website . You can select a region or nature reserve, after which you can easily see the activities in that area. For example, you can find small sights such as bridges, but also larger catering establishments for a short stop during a walk and walking routes become visible.


You can also volunteer in various places and help in the Brabant landscape. Examples of work you can do is landscape management (such as pollarding willows, sawing and planting trees), monitoring animal and plant species or participating in bird working groups.

All kinds of walking routes can be found on the website . During such routes you will encounter cultural history, sights and various landscapes. Both short and long routes are available.

State Forestry

On the website of the Staatsbosbeheer ( Nature Reserves of Staatsbosbeheer ) you can find information about activities, walking routes and places of interest for each Noord-Brabant nature reserve. There are various walking routes in the Brabantse Wal or the Groene Woud, sights such as the Spinolaschans in the Baronie van Breda or Fort Sabina in West Brabant and recreational opportunities in De Biesbosch.

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