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Connect with others

Do you feel like doing an activity together with someone?


Through Outside Your Box, Into Nature you can get in touch with students from your area. You can clean up litter together, sow flower seeds or join someone in the Happy Stones activity. If you live in the Zwolle area, you can also sign up for vegetable gardening.



Walking Apart Together


Another option to get in touch with new people is Walking Apart Together. Nature Academy organizes the Walk Apart every month, completely corona proof. You walk in your own neighborhood and check in via Zoom. During your walk you share your environment with the other walkers. In small groups you exchange thoughts about a powerful question, for example: what gives you energy? Take a walk and experience how the Walking Apart Together connects you with others!


Do you want to join? Keep an eye on Walking Apart Together 's Insta for the next date or get in touch.


Event 13 July: Meet Blokje together

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