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Sign up for Rethinking Nature

Are you having a tough time? In which you hardly see people and study or work pressure seems greater than normal, making you feel bad? Then sign up for Rethinking Nature! Rethinking Nature is a platform for young people like you. It offers you the tools to go outside in your own region and to de-stress. You meet new nice people, do fun things together and break the routine!

Nature For Health, Nudge, Lentekracht and VU University Amsterdam - together with young people - are building the new platform to connect young people with nature and with each other and at the same time reduce stress. Because green makes you happy, relaxes and gives peace of mind. And yet the 'natural medicine' is still rarely utilized. SBO wants to change that.

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Do you live and study in the Netherlands and are you between 18 and 30 years old? Then join Rethinking Nature!

How does it work?  

The Rethinking Nature platform offers tools for going outside in one's own region. On our website you will find original routes with various activities, such as listening to podcasts or searching for Happy Stones. You can also choose to give something back to nature during your outdoor activity: gardening, cleaning up waste or sowing flower seeds.  


If you have registered, we will contact you. We first ask you to fill in a questionnaire. Then you choose an outdoor activity, for example a walking route in your region. You track this route with the Alltrails app. Finally, we ask you to complete another questionnaire.

Do you want to participate in Rethinking Nature? Nice!  

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