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Dutch nature and biodiversity is under great pressure and in worse shape than ever. Wildlife populations in open areas and heathland have halved on average since 1990. Many butterfly, bird and reptile species that were once common are now rare. The World Wildlife Fund insists that structural and rapid changes are needed to prevent irreversible changes. So what can you do? Even the smallest gesture can make a big difference to the nature in your surroundings. Think of picking up a piece of litter, planting a tree, or making an insect hotel!  

With such actions you not only help nature, but also yourself. Because nature helps you to relax, to get a breath of fresh air and gives you a good feeling.  By doing something for nature, you can also do something for others in your area. They enjoy the splendor of flowers that you have sown. They are grateful if you help make a neighborhood greener, or refurbish a garden for someone who is unable to.   


Ultimately, by helping nature, you help yourself and others.  

There is a lot you can do to lend nature a hand, sometimes literally. Here are a few tips:  

  1. Guerrilla Guarding

  2. Cleaning up waste

  3. vegetable gardening

  4. Social Gardening

  5. Sowing flower seeds

  6. Manage landscape

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