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The province of Drenthe is not yet participating in Samen Blokje Omdenk (Together Block Thinking).

Keep an eye on this page! 

The province of Drenthe is a hilly province with a lot of sand, peat, green villages, rivers and streams. Even though Drenthe is known for its landscape, there are also nice cities, such as Assen and Emmen, and old villages, such as Orvelte and Dwingeloo, with a rich history. In short, you have a lot of choice on a regional scale to go outside, which according to The Nature Pyramid is very important to stay healthy. You can also visit other provinces every month, because Drenthe is surrounded by no less than 3 Dutch and 1 German province(s).

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For activities in the Drentsche Landscape, you can take a look at the website of Het Drentsche Landschap ( The Drentse Landscape | Hiking in nature reserves Drenthe ( ). There are regular group walks on this site! You can also find many different walking routes on the site of the Stichting Het Drentse Landschap ( Walking routes of the Stichting Het Drentse Landschap - ).

For the 20 most beautiful walking routes in Drenthe, see the website The 20 most beautiful walking routes in Drenthe | Komoot . There are all kinds of routes available; routes for beginners or advanced and short or long routes.

State Forestry

On the website of the Staatsbosbeheer ( Nature Reserves of Staatsbosbeheer ) you can find information about activities, walking routes and places of interest per Drents nature reserve. There are various walking routes in Drentsche Aa or Dwingelerveld, sights such as the Verlengde Noordersloot lookout hill in Veenland, dolmens in Southwest Drenthe or the Global Geopark in Hondsrug and recreational opportunities in the Hart of Drenthe or Sleenerzand.

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