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Rethinking Nature

 A lot of young people are dealing with stress. Rethinking Nature's goal is to improve the quality of life and mental health of young people by connecting them with nature. Nature inspires, destresses and promotes inner peace. The fresh outdoor air motivates you to exercise, improving your health. Despite this, the natural medicine of nature is rarely utilized. Rethinking nature wants to change this!


What do you feel like doing today?

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Today I want to relax

Have you noticed that you feel more relaxed in nature? Go for a walk in a green area around your own home and clear your head for a while. After the walk you will be  more relaxed and you can get back to your daily life



I commit myself to nature

Do you want to keep nature beautiful and special and benefit from it yourself? Then give something back to nature! Clean up waste, help in a vegetable garden or sow flower seeds. In this way you're not only helping yourself, but also helping nature.


I feel like meeting people

You woke up feeling good. Today is a day to do an activity together! Go out with a friend or meet new people through Rethinking Nature. Walking, running, cycling .. Together is more fun than alone, right?

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Enjoying the Nature

Samen Blokje Omdenken

Omdenken is een filosofie van Berthold Gunster.Alle rechten liggen bij "Omdenken"

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Give nature a helping hand


Help in a garden


Clean up waste


Sow flower seeds

Get inspired



Have you listened to our latest podcast?


Get in the mood with these inspiring films and documentaries about nature.



Did you know that a nature walk is good for your memory? And that you can notice the difference after only one walk? Get even more inspired with facts about nature by clicking below.

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Rethinking Nature

Rethinking Nature ideas box

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